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Our Project

Space Copy is the first multi-purpose interplanetary manufacturing and testing device that combines lunar regolith sampling, spectral data analysis, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing into one mechanism. 

Profitability Strategy For Space Copy.png

Space Copy is able to identify the chemical composition of lunar soil using infrared spectroscopy, create databases of information about soil composition using machine learning, and 3D prints objects such as regolith bricks for habitat construction and small to medium sized tools required to sustain astronauts on the lunar surface.

Current Progress:


What Is Space Copy:


Space Copy is a cutting-edge device for in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) lunar manufacturing that works to reduce the costs of frequent payload service missions, as well as reduce the amount of pollution and debris emitted by continuous resupply missions sent to the lunar surface to sustain long-term human presence.  Space Copy will provide an innovative solution to the aerospace industry's greatest challenges in a reliable and efficient manner.


Sectors Tackled:


  • Planetary Science.

  • Advanced Structures.

  • Avionics.

  • Advanced Manufacturing.

  • Engineering.

  • Robotics.



Benefits To Space Copy’s Design:


  • Low cost, multipurpose, and lightweight solutions are identified and integrated whenever possible without sacrificing quality and scale.


  • Fully integrated software, hardware, and electronics.


  • Applicable to a range of in-situ manufacturing uses, with the potential to expand operations.


  • Long life span (10 years or more), uses spaceflight approved materials, partially recyclable, and utilizes ISRU resources.

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